Electronic Gadgets Or Tech Savvy Youngsters

If there is one thing that constantly becomes more and more prominent in our modern world as the technological evolution marches forward, its security and protection. In light of ever more sophisticated threats, security technology available on the market has become more and more high-tech. These days, there are home security systems that were once only dreamed of. Electronic door locks are just examples of high-tech, spy movie security options for business owners and home owners alike. electronic shops jayanagar


As with many things in life, digital locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are three main types of electronic door lock. The first and most popular electronic door lock is one that makes use of a keypad with numbers and/or letters on it. These door locks require a pass code on order to be unlocked. These electronic locks are far more difficult to bypass or pick than their conventional key lock counterparts. Unless you have the specific pass code, you cannot unlock the door.

The second type of electronic door lock is one that makes use of Security items such as magnetic scanner disks, coded keys, remote controls and other such gadgets. This type of door keyless lock is not as widely used as those with the pin code authentication. However, they are useful for areas that receive a high volume of traffic. This is because each security token can be coded with a different signature. Thus, one can track who opened the door according to their specific signature. These tokens are not easily duplicated and work well in an environment in which there I a high employee turnover or where contract workers are busy. Pass codes and locks need not be changed each time an employee is replaces or a new set of contract workers begins work on a project.

The third and final type of electronic door lock available is a biometric lock. Biometric locks use voice, fingerprint or retinal (eye) authentication. These types of locks are highly sophisticated and really do seem as though they come out of a movie setting. However, they are highly effective and offer maximum security.